Translate Poland

Posted on: 04/08/2009

Despite having almost 40 million inhabitants and being the sixth largest UE country, Poland keeps being a mysterious land for many. And foreigners who do end up in our country (for family or work reasons, or simply travelling around Europe) don’t always feel at home. As our ż-dź-ą-ę-szcz-rz-language resembles encrypted text, our failure to translate tourist information doesn’t really help to enjoy a stay in our country. Nevertheless, there’s already a project created to remedy this situation. It’s [Let’s] Translate Poland (before 2012) whose aim is “the promotion of applied translation and communication for tourism, business and leisure in the urban environment”. By means of this social campaign  Poles intend to “create a comprehensive multilingual environment that facilitates everyday communication for a multicultural society”. To get to know Translate Poland better, visit


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