Pasta talks!

Posted on: 02/11/2009

avemarie Avemarie





Dischi volanti

elicotricoloreEliche tricolori


On October 26 World Pasta Day Conference was celebrated in New York with the focus on “Pasta Meals on Every Family Table.”

BTW, did you know that there are over 350 types of pasta? Unique in shape, form, colour and consistency?

New shapes are created every day, but there are some extreme shapes that never made it to the market;-)

”In November 1983 Voiello, an innovative pasta manufacturing company in Naples owned by the Barilla group, decided to break the mold, so to speak, and develop  a “modern” pasta shape.  The assignment went to car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. Giugiaro submitted 12 designs from which one was picked to go into production. Giugiaro named his pasta Marille.

Giugiaro took a very systematic approach to the problem.  He realized that his new design should not absorb too much sauce and should increase its volume in water.  The pasta should be both decorative and palatable (…) Unfortunately, Marille did not remain in production very long -problems were encountered with uneven cooking of various parts of shape;-)”


So next time you’ll be devouring pasta, recall school geometry classes;-)

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