Sign Language for Commandos

Posted on: 27/11/2009

Personnel of the Tamil Nadu Commando Force will take lessons from the CSI Higher Secondary School  on sign language to communicate with each other during anti-terrorist operations.

NSG commandos, like their counterparts in the US Marines and Navy Seals, have their own sign language, but each sign conveys only one word or an idea. The sign language of the hearing impaired, on the other hand, can be used to quickly convey meanings of long sentences, a vital attribute for commandos during high-voltage operation. For example, using sign language, it takes barely five seconds to convey the sentence ‘you go upstairs, I will follow you with more ammunition.’

The aim of the course is to evolve a common pattern of signs corresponding to various situations, which the force is likely to encounter during a terror attack. “When a platoon tries to attack a terrorist base, we cannot use communication equipment as it might alert the enemy. This is where sign language comes in; members of the platoon will be able to communicate with each other on the positions of snipers, number of terrorists and the kind of weapons they have,” said the officer. Incidentally, during the 26/11 attacks, the terrorists were unable to decipher the signs used by the NSG forces.


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