How To Get What You Want in Any Language

Posted on: 10/12/2009

Dr. Pat M. Boone, author, psychologist and minister, originated the idea of learning languages from the opposite direction. For five years, she studied what people said in different languages, only to find that, although the words were different, the words communicated the same ideas and thoughts. She determined to identify the words and phrases common to all languages. Dr. Boone compares it to building a house. “When you’re building a house, you must first have a foundation. Your foundation is made of the daily words we all use. After you’ve mastered your foundation words, then your building words, like the walls, windows and doors to a house, can be easily added.”

The good news is that less than 100 words and phrases make up your foundation. And she doesn’t subscribe to the hype about “immersion” programs. “Immersion programs are what it feels like to go into another language culture and not have a clue what is being said around you or when anyone is trying to help you.”

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