Speaking Globish

Posted on: 21/12/2009

In “Don’t Speak English, Parlez Globish”, Nerrière warned Europeans that English was taking over the world, but in a form that would not be the same as Standard English. In fact, he said, people speaking Globish-English were doing a lot of the world’s international business in English and excluding the native English speakers, all of whom tended to monopolize conversations.

Not surprisingly, English native speakers didn’t want to hear it, and so not only were the initial books denied publication in English, most academicians who had never read the French book declared that nothing of value could ever be said with Globish, which they equated with “broken English.” But in fact, the rest of the world just made new rules, and understood each other quite well.

Globish the World Over is the world’s first book written in Globish. It discusses one of the main barriers to global communication: those language barriers which stall progress in business and every other area of international contact. Since WWII, the English language grew to be the preference of the international jet-set and executive classes. However, this book shows how Globish-English, with its 1,500 words and simple grammar, is more democratic, easier to learn, and learned more quickly. The 90% of world citizens who are now forming the prosperous nations of the future in Brazil and Russia and India and China, will be doing their business in Globish.

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