Technical Translation

9 Dec 2009

The Benefits of Technical Documentation

The understanding of technical documentation is reliant on how informational the documentation is, and of how the person receiving the information perceives it to be. The directions must be clear and suitable for all levels of comprehension. The concept must relate triggers to users in forming clarity for usability.

The instruction consists of three areas: That of product, process, and professional orientation. The quality of said instruction is dependent on the source, or person responsible for provision of the documentation. The quality of documentation varies and is dependent on the point of view of the person documenting, as the inventor of a product or concept generally is not the person who provides the clarification or instructional follow up. You would think that an inventor would be best at describing his invention, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a known fact that due to personal connection, an inventor is not the most reliable to explain about the product. An unbiased party is more in tune with providing important details in introduction of a product and its use. It is important that the documentation writer is able to understand the information received by the inventor in having the ability to bring across the technical aspects of the functionality involved to the user. The user in turn will provide important feedback to the writer in expression of clarity in utilization or the inability to understand the steps. One of the technical writers most important tools is that of data gathering in making sure that he has total comprehension of a product in using his skills to inform the user about the product. His ability to create a design in assisting to convey the instructions, once received by the inventor, are proof of his skills and training. The specific training received by a writer plays an important part in what their particular role is as a writer. This is in relation to the professionalism carried over into the document, and their technical writing abilities in conveying the proper procedures as indicated. Design plays a large part in developing manuals, and other documents. Imagery is an important tool in defining a concept in addition to the text associations. Working in the field and acquiring user feedback is an important factor in the growth of skill sets exhibited by a creator of technical documentation. Feedback in itself helps to advise the creator of how comprehensive the work is, or is not. If instructions provided do not give insight into the information at hand, feedback is instrumental in improving the quality of the technical documentation. Following up with the company in question will ensure that the document will be reviewed, and revised as needed, allowing future users to benefit effectively from the documentation received.



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